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The Pench Kamptee Khairy-RBC Hydro Project is located across Pench River. The Pench River originates in Madhya Pradesh and traverses through Maharashtra and joins with river Kanhan, the largest tributary of Wainganaga in Godavari Basin.

Totladoh a major interstate hydro project is constructed at the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh on Pench River. It is a 160 MW power project having two units of 80MW capacity which has been commissioned in Sept’1986 and March’1987 respectively.

23kms downstream of this project Kamptee-Khairy pick-up weir has been constructed (RBC Outlet in 1976-77 and LBC Outlet in 1986-87). The water after power generation at Totladoh is let into the Pench River which gets stored in Kamptee-Khairy reservoir.

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