• Moderate investment method for providing electricity.
  • Can be set up in remote hilly area to provide electricity in that area.
  • Attractive for small private entrepreneurs because of less capital outlay.
  • Environment friendly compared to electricity generation from burning of fossil fuels etc. thus helping in maintaining ecological balance.
  • Improving economic condition of the areas where projects are set up.


  • The same water came from  dam with high force and pressure passed through our Hydro power plant, which  we have our RBC i.e. Right Bank canal of 2×700kw and LBC i.e. Left Bank canal of 2×2200kw, both  combined generate 5800kw.
  • The flow when release from dam came through PEN STOCK and strike the propeller to drive the shaft which has gear box of ratio 1:10 to drive the generator and hence the electricity is been generated.
  • The said generated electricity is delivered to MSEDCL grid.

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